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Over 50 million passengers a year travel with İDO and enjoy BTA's food. Our passengers savour the delights of whiling away the time before their journey with BTA's original café concepts and exquisite flavours at the Bakırköy, Yenikapı, Kabataş, Sirkeci, Harem, Bostancı, Pendik, Güzelyalı, Kartal, Topçular and Yalova Terminals.


At the Yenikapı and Bostancı Terminal

C&B is at your service with its delicious cakes, bakes, desserts and sandwiches.


At the Yenikapı and Bursa Terminals

Anatolian cuisine awaits you at this café that is bursting with  local flavours and a careful selection of gourmet delicacies you will relish.


At the YenikapıSirkeci, Harem, Kartal, Pendik and Yalova Terminals

Brings together the irresistible flavours of street culture. A clean, healthy self service café. Serves a wide variety of food you can find at sidewalk cafés, from juicy hamburgers to a variety of exotic local sandwiches and döner kebab. Also included on the menu are sandwiches, bakery snacks and desserts.


At the Yenikapı, Topçular, Bakırköy, Kabataş and Yalova Terminals

We chose the name Seferi  both because it means "journey" in Turkish and because "feri" calls ferries to mind. It is at your service with its mouthwatering products.



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