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1. All documents on the İDO A.Ş. internet website are the property of İDO AŞ. No information on this website, including the script and software, may be modified, copied, duplicated, re-published, downloaded onto a different computer, posted, transferred or distributed.

Printouts from the website may be made for personal use.

2. Although all possible measures have been taken to purge the İDO internet website of viruses and similar programmes, in order to assure full security the user bears the responsibility to install an anti-virus system and to take all necessary precautions to protect his/her personal computer. In this regard, when using the İDO internet website, the user accepts liability for any consequences that may arise as a direct or indirect result of faults in his/her own software and operating system.

3. All information on the İDO internet website exists  for the sole purpose of advertising and providing information. The user may not in any way claim that the "information" on the website is incorrect or that s/he has suffered damages as a consequence of this information.  In the event that a user intends to carry out a transaction using this information as a reference, s/he accepts that s/he is obligated to provide the İDO A.Ş. General Directorate with definitive, reliable information and that İDO A.Ş. is in no way liable if the information published on the website is not up to date.

4. İDO reserves the right, at its own discretion, to alter the contents of the website any time it wishes, to modify or terminate any service it provides to users, and to delete the user information and data it has stored on the İDO website. Although every precaution has been taken to ensure that the information provided on its website is correct, İDO cannot be held liable for any existing or potential errors on the website.

5. In the event that a complaint or a summons for an official interrogation is received from authorities and/or it is demonstrated that s/he has committed any kind of electronic sabotage or attack intended to disrupt the functioning of the İDO system, İDO is entitled to investigate the user's identification documents and inform the legal authorities.

6. Due the nature of the internet (WWW), it is possible that information may circulate on the internet without sufficient security measures being taken and may be used by unauthorised people.  İDO A.Ş. is not liable such unauthorised usage or for any damages arising from such usage.

7. Occasionally information of a non-personal nature may be compiled on the İDO website. Some examples of this type of information are: The browser type, operating system, and the channel via which the user used to enter the İDO website may be recorded. İDO AŞ uses this information in order to provide better service to its users.

8. İDO A.Ş. is entitled to modify renew or repeal any of the clauses of its conditions for use without prior notice. Every clause that is changed, renewed or repealed shall, from the users' point of view, come into effect on the date of publication.

9. In accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, this agreement shall be executed without any legal conflict. If any clause of this agreement is found to be contrary to the law, invalid or cannot be applied for legal reasons the clause in question shall be removed from this agreement without affecting the validity of the remaining clauses or rendering them inappropriate for application from a legal point of view.

10. İDO A.Ş. can collect your shared personal information such as your name, last name, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, identity information, tickets and travel data. The collected data may be used to offer you better service, product and options, improve our website, manage processes that are related to your account, create report analysis confirmation and statistical data by establishing a database for trips, services, products, campaigns, promotions and share with specialists provided that privacy terms are followed, for İDO and partner companies to contact you via e-mail, sms and phone. İDO may share your personal information with companies that it procures services in compliance with terms stated above and/or with judicial and administrative authorities in case of a legal liability.  
Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. İDO A.Ş. acts in the most meticulous manner to protect personal data that belongs to company’s clients. By visiting our webpage and/or using online services you agree to terms listed below


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