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In accordance with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Guidelines on the Regulations to be Applied in Non-Commercial Activities for the Welfare of Domestic Animals numbered 28133 published in the Official Gazette on 5 December 2011:
For domestic pets to be able to travel on fast ferries, sea buses and conventional ferries:

  • A valid vaccination certificate and identity card for domestic pets must be shown to the boarding terminal staff in the case of on foot passengers, and, in the case of passengers with vehicles, at the security check point. Passengers must have the certificates in hand in case they are requested at any point during the crossing.
  • Circumstances in which domestic pets may travel in locations other than in the passenger's vehicle on the open vehicle deck on fast ferries and car ferries:
    On fast ferries, sea buses and car ferries, pets may only travel in a location indicated by the ship staff outside of the passenger lounge, and they must also remain in their cage. 

  • In compliance with the rules listed above, dogs that are too large to fit into a cage will only be accepted on crossings if they wear a muzzle.
  • If, in the opinion of the staff carrying out the checks, there is any cause to doubt the health of the domestic pet or if there is reason to believe that the animal will not be authorised to travel on health grounds, carriage of the domestic pet may be refused.
  • Under no circumstances does İDO accept liability for the deterioration of the health of the animal before, during or after the crossing.


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